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We are a digital agency focused on helping creators navigate the NFT space while making a positive impact in the real world. The project is powered by Loading…System, a digital and activist agency from Asturias.


How do we create impact?

1. Raising funds that will help us fuel community and environmental projects in order to create real-world impact.

2. Using NFT activations and metaverse experiences to raise awareness around social and environmental issues that are affecting our future.

3. Helping creators develop their careers in the art scene and make a living in the new web3 creative economy.



We are here to help you navigate the NFT space and support your career as a creator, so you can focus on what matters to you. From music to painting to photography, almost any creation has the potential to become an NFT. We will support you throughout any stage in the process of creating the strategy for your launch, publishing your artwork, and marketing.


Loading…NFT aims to create a space for the community, where buyers can support creators and make purchases that drive impact in the real world. Collectors will receive access to exclusive unlocks and benefits.


We work with brands, institutions, and non-profit organizations to create NFT storytelling that drives impact. Whether you’re a small brand, an established company, or an environmental organization, we help you in your Web 3.0 journey towards creating social and environmental impact in the real world.


Starting off: Share your work
  1. Prepare a link with your work (your website, blog…)

  2. Apply through this form and send your link.

  3. We’ll review your work and get back to you.


The starting point to work together would be for you to apply through the form above, so we can gain an understanding of your work and career as a creator. Please share a link where we can review your work, whether that’s your personal website, a Google Drive or wetransfer link. Once we’ve received your application, we’ll review your work and get back in touch to schedule an online call.

Next steps: Co-create your launch plan with us.
  1. We’ll create a collaboration proposal (including strategy, pricing, commercial conditions and legal contract according to Spanish law)

  2. Formalise the collaboration by signing a contract.

  3. Develop and execute launch plan


After our first meeting we’ll start working on a proposal to share with you, including our proposed strategy, commercial conditions and legal contract to formalise the collaboration.

Working together: Start selling.

  1. You get access to our consulting services through monthly calls.

  2. We support you with marketing strategy, sales performance and operations.

Once we start our collaboration, you gain access to our consultation services, with the goal of helping you succeed in the NFT marketplace. This consultation service is focused on strategy, marketing and operations. We’ll provide you with a number of monthly hours that you can use in online calls with us to ask questions, discuss sales and performance.

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Submit work

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.



STARTING OFF: Create your wallet.
  • Click here to learn how to create your wallet in a few easy steps. 

  • Already a metamask amateur? Start exploring the collection then!

  • Add funds to your wallet. Reach out if you need any help! -

  • You’re ready to purchase and support artists now.

If you happen to run into some issues while creating your wallet or adding funds to it, no worries - we are a small team but will find time to help you navigate during your first days in the blockchain. Just give us a shout and we will get back to you as soon as we can.​


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We co-create with you to help you storytell your ideas from different angles and on different spaces while driving impact in the community. 

Whether you are a small brand, an established company, or an environmental organisation, we help you in your NFT journey. 

We believe NFTs exploded in 2021 and the market has corrected since, that’s why 2022 is a great moment to plan and build new storytelling through innovation ahead of the next bull market.

Reach out to to learn more. We will set up a call with you to firstly understand your needs & make sure we connect authentically with your existing customers while open new doors to welcome new ones.
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